I usually have 2-3 litters per year. Kittens are sometimes available from these litters.

Kittens are able to go to their new homes at 3 months and adoption fee includes:

  • 2x Vet Checks
  • 2x Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Desexing
  • Pedigree and Registration for eligible kittens.

Adopters are advised to examine photos in the gallery to choose sex, colours and patterns.

Personalities will develop in their new homes. Young kittens can be timid and shy as they are small.

Adoption Fees are available upon request.
$100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a kitten and to join the waiting list.

Adopters of my cats are encouraged to send me photos and stories  for my Testimonials and Facebook Group: Kutie Balinese Cats.

Adopters are also encouraged to show their cats as there are not many Balinese cats being shown.

WARNING: Many plants are toxic to cats – especially lilies – please be careful which flowers you have inside.


Gd Ch Kutie Vera Wang x Gd Ch Kutie Duncan

Litter born: 14th March 2024 

2 males.


Kutie Kandy Floss x Gd Ch Kutie Duncan

Born: Nov 21, 2023 ‘Kutie Kadek’ Chocolate tabby Point Male, ‘Kutie Ketuk’ Lilac Point Male, & ‘Kutie Komang’ Blue Point Male

Gd Ch Kutie Vera Wang x Gd Ch Kutie Duncan

Born: Aug 1, 2023. 2 Seal Point Males, 1 Cinnamon Point Male & 1 Cinnamon Point Female

Gd Ch Kutie Duncan & Kutie KandyFloss

DOB: Apr 8, 2023 2 Males, 4 Females

Gd Ch Kutie Duncan & Gd Ch Kutie Vera Wang

DOB: Jan 19, 2023 Kutie Lis Salander ~ Reg. FCCV

GdCh Kutie Duncan & Kutie Kandy Floss

DOB: 31 August 2022 – 3 Females & 3 Males {Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Lilac Point, Cinnamon Point & Tabby Point)

GdCh Kutie Duncan & GdCH Kutie Vera Wang

DOB: 21 July 2022 – 3 Males & 1 Female (Seal Point and Chocolate Point)

Kutie Duncan & Kutie Kandy Floss

DOB: 4 Feb 2022 – Seal Pt, Blue Pt, Cinnamon Pt & Cinnamon Tabby Pt.

Kutie Duncan & Kutie Vera Wang

DOB: 4 Nov 2021 – 7x kittens – 6 female, 1 male (Seal Point & Cinnamon Point)

Kutie Kostya Tzu & Kutie Kandy Floss

DOB: 18 Jul 2021 – 4x Kittens – 2 male, 2 female (Seal Point, Chocolate Point & Lilac Tabby Point)

Kutie Vera Wang X Kutie Kostya Tzu

DOB: 23 Apr 2021 – 6x Kittens – (Seal & Chocolate Point)

Shyiragiralong Koko Chanel X Kutie Kostya Tzu

DOB: 17 Feb 2021 – Kutie Donna Karan – Chocolate Point Female

Gillenbah Ramblin Rose X Kutie Kostya Tzu

DOB: 7 Jan 2021 – 6 kittens