Cat Lovers Show 2022

Cat Lovers Show 2022

I attended The Melbourne Cat Lovers Show in June to promote the Balinese breed.

I took “Gd. Ch. Kutie Duncan” my chocolate point stud boy and “Kutie Kandy Floss” a cinnamon tabby point, one of my two breeding girls. They had to get used to wearing a harness for safety.

They were well behaved, having to spend 11 hours in their crates and show cages to be oohed and aahed and smiled at by a steady flow of people.

Duncan also sat in his bed to be patted for three half hour sessions of Pat a Cat and also while I gave a talk extolling the Balinese virtues. He also starred in a short video slot with Vet Katrina.

Tanya and Rachel helped me and we enjoyed our experience, but were exhausted after it!

For more information about the next Cat Lovers show visit their website here: Cat Lovers Festival